Do you long to be desired, wanted, cherished, and adored?


Are you sick of having to fight for love or prove yourself?


Does it ever feel like you are losing hope, or keep getting disappointed no matter how many dates you go on?


It’s not your fault. Every year dating seems to get worse and worse and worse.


But there are a small handful of women who are totally getting what they want in love. They’ve got the secret sauce. And it’s not about what to say in a text or how they look.


They’ve returned to a very strong, powerful place within themselves.


They’ve returned to their own Innocence. I’ve shown them how to own and care for this part of themselves.


Reclaiming our innocence is a KEY part of finding healthy love.


Especially if you, like me, have ever endured abuse, cheating, or ghosting.


Ironically though, the darker the sh!t I went through, the more determined I became to find love for good. Do you feel the same?


One of my teachers calls this a “second innocence.” If you study yoga you know it as anahata — the unstruck quality of the heart (aka the part of the heart that’s never been broken).


Even if it feels covered by layers of protection or rejection, it’s there, just waiting for you.


Just like your man is waiting for you to return to your innocence in love so he can finally see and commit to  the REAL you!


Because when we’re stuck in fear, guilt, or irritation, love can’t find it’s way in.


Imagine what it would be like to live in the present moment in love…


to fall in love and have time stand still…to trust again…to believe in an epic love story for YOU!


Imagine him holding your hand as you walk on the beach on your honeymoon and feeling like you’re in high school you’re so giddy with delight…


Imagine knowing you’re going to spend the rest of your life together.


Do you really want to go any longer without this second innocence? This beautiful open-hearted freshness in love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS If you are ready to have a fresh start in love and return to innocence, beauty, and trust, set up a free Breakthrough to Love call now at

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