Julie was in a bad spot…

She was still holding onto a lot of grief and old emotion from past breakups and trauma.

She was meeting great guys but not getting past four or five dates…

This happened over and over again, until the point where she came to us and was terrified she’d never actually have a lasting relationship.

The worst part?

She felt like these high-quality guys were rejecting her before she even had a chance — before they even got to know the real her.


Because the real her was hiding — trying to be on her best behavior, but so full of fear.

The more she stayed in her fear the more her fears actually came true — ghosting, him finding another woman, you name it.

Now Julie is an amazing woman with a heart of gold.

But our brain is wired for fear…and hers was stuck in a fear loop.

Fear is our most primal emotion.

Unfortunately, it only creates based on the past in an attempt to keep us safe.

Its poor attempt at safety blocks any possibility of love.

It keeps us stuck repeating old patterns, and pushing incredible men away.

So when Julie found our program, she was, well, kinda afraid

(if you haven’t set up a free call like she did, you can do so here)

She had been locked into a dance with her fear.

She was wondering,

“could this really work? For someone like me who feels broken? For someone like me who’s never been able to feel like I could be myself with a man?”

Because of the fantastic results we get for our clients, she felt the fear and said YES anyway.

Yes to finding love.

Yes to finding herself.

Yes to doing something different because her way of trying to find love was NOT working.

That single, powerful decision to change her love life and completely turn around her dating history had a MASSIVE impact.

Less than 3 months later, she’s now dating an incredible man who adores her…

who takes her out on lunch dates during the week…

who loves her sexiness, confidence, and heart.

She said she “feels joyful and ready to receive…I have the strength to do and be everything.”

Over a decade of missteps in relationships, and less than 12 weeks later a total transformation.

Here’s the deal though — Julie worked hard for this. She showed up determined, and self-aware.

She did the things I said to do (I know that sounds draconian but our system really works).

And she had breakthrough after breakthrough in the process, and now has an incredible guy that she feels confident about.

So what will run your life?

LOVE, or fear?

All it takes is one powerful choice to turn the tables on your dating history, feel great about yourself, and get the love you want.

Choose love and take action.

Xoxo, Violet

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