Do you find yourself saying you want love, but not getting it?


Do you daydream about your man and your future, but can’t seem to have good dates that actually go anywhere?


Do you tell yourself that you’ll make time for love, but end up focusing on work or the gym or helping others — at the expense of you actually getting what you want?


So many times in life we put our precious energy into “getting ready”…Could you be doing that too? And could it be keeping you from love?


Here are examples of “getting ready” instead of actually getting a RELATIONSHIP:


  1. Focusing on your exes or the past and believing you need to heal all of that before you find your true partner


  1. Focusing on your weight, your hair, your looks in any way, believing that you can’t find love until you are different


  1. Focusing on what your friends or family say about love and believing the myths that “love happens when you’re not looking” or “you can’t hurry love.” Those are cultural lies told to keep women disempowered!


  1. Focusing on what apps to use or what your profile says. None of that matters if you don’t have the right heartset or mindset. We can get lost in the world of “tactics” as a distraction from actual relationship. We do need dates, but the dates are not relationships!


  1. Focusing on going out with your girlfriends hoping to meet guys and then getting caught in the bar scene or in the trap of comparing yourself to other women.


  1. Focusing on casual relationships or friends-with-benefits until the right guy comes along, believing it won’t distract you or keep you from finding love.


  1. Focusing on reading blogs or watching videos without implementing anything — believing that information without accountability and support is enough to change your love life.


If you found yourself nodding your head or saying yes to any of these seven things, it means you’ve been putting your valuable time and energy into getting ready, and it’s keeping you from getting love.


This is a huge problem, because it’s sneaky — it makes you feel like you’re “doing something” but it’s actually keeping you from the end result you want: healthy, lasting partnership with an incredible human!


What’s the difference between getting ready and getting love?


Women, like Ainsley, work with me because they are sick of spinning their wheels and investing in these old habits that push love away. 


Ainsley was focused on her exes, her looks, what her brothers had to say, and an on-again off-again “relationship” that wasn’t meeting her needs. 


I showed her how to actually get love using my signature process, and within 3 months she was dating a great guy and feeling like a Queen. 


What changed? She finally got the tools and support she needed to have the right mindset, heartset, and skillset in dating and love. She stopped getting in her own way because she was being held accountable…she was being guided step-by-step through my program…and she was being cheered on and encouraged by the other women in the group.


If you want love, you have to do something different. Don’t fall into the trap of those 7 “getting ready” symptoms above. Those are just warning signs of a larger pattern — accidentally pushing love away. 


The first step to doing something different is to take a small, easy action, which is why I’m offering free Love Strategy Sessions for only 5 women this week. I don’t want to see you, or any other woman with a good heart, start this next decade behind or stuck. 


These are 45 minute free calls, but you have to be committed to love and ready to talk about your love life. I’ll guide you through my signature process to see what’s been holding you back and what it is that you really want. 


If it feels like I can help you get there, I may tell you about my program for love, or I may not — we only work with a small group of women at any time, which is how I can ensure they get such great results. If we decide not to invite you into the program, don’t worry, I’ll steer you in another direction. Either way, we’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll get a ton of clarity and value.


Make your 2020 different in love — I promise you it is way more fun and easier than you think when you have the right support. 


Set up your free Love Strategy Session here:


Xoxo Violet

P.S. if you feel like you’re not getting anywhere in your love life, you may be focused on the wrong things — you may be focused on “getting ready” instead of actually getting love and a partnership for life. If you’re ready to find love and stop spinning your wheels, let’s talk. Set up a free 45 minute Love Strategy Session here — sign up now because I am only talking to 5 women this week:

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