You only have 10 more weeks in this decade.


Let that sink in — just TEN more weeks until the 20s!


What has the last decade been like in your love life?


If I were to guess, probably full of ups and downs, and at least a heartbreak or two. Or maybe you’ve been single most of this past decade, closed off to love. When was the last time you felt totally cherished and adored and committed to?


What do you want to create in this next decade of your life for romance and relationship?


Will it be full of triumph? Or full of stress?


Full of loyalty? Or full of fear of being cheated on?


Full of fun and passion? Or just passing each other in the house like roommates?


Love in the 2020’s will be DIFFERENT than in this past decade.


Look, more changed from 2010 to 2020 than in most of the rest of history for love.


We had an onslaught of apps…in fact Tinder didn’t even start until 2012…


But not that many people are meeting online (a full 30% of people online have never meet anyone from online according to Time Magazine).


In the past decade, we got introduced to (and you personally probably suffered through) ghosting, breadcrumbing, friends-with-benefits and other not-so-healthy situations.


And I recently heard that it’s common for 20-somethings to be checking Instagram WHILE being intimate. That’s hardly “making love.”


So what will the next decade be like in dating? From what I predict, there will only be a very small percentage of people finding and keeping lasting love, with high-quality partners.


The overwhelming majority of people in the next decade will instead:


*Struggle online (only 20% of relationships start online, even today, 19 years after eHarmony launched in 2000)


*Continue to be distracted and lack emotional connection


*Choose the wrong partners and repeat old patterns


*Struggle to understand masculine and feminine dynamics, as many men become more feminine and don’t want to ask a woman out


*Get trapped in talk therapy or coaching that’s only about “mindset” without actually healing the emotions / limbic system and physical body from heartbreak or abuse


This is not a pretty picture.


So if you want this next decade to be BETTER than the last decade for your love life…


If you want to meet the partner of your dreams and keep it going strong, all the way down the aisle and beyond…


If you want to be EMPOWERED in your relationships instead of reactionary or confused…


If you want to start a family or introduce your kids to a healthy role model…


Then one thing has to change. The good news is, it’s something you have total control over.




I get it — change can be scary. But if you don’t change, nothing will change, and chances are it will actually get worse.


This next decade is the realization of a beautiful dream I have had for over 10 years…my dream of becoming a mom.


The reason my dream is actually happening, instead of staying stuck on a vision board, is because I made it happen with my choices.


I chose to get help — I hired therapists, coaches, healers, you name it. I stayed devoted to my path. And when I found out that most of that stuff didn’t work for love, I found and created the tools that did and now have a system that works.


The women I mentor are meeting incredible partners and getting married or moving in together or going on exotic trips. They have elevated themselves beyond the mess of modern dating and found what they really wanted — LOVE.


I have two spots open in my Queens of Pleasure program. But they are only for women who are absolutely committed to changing the paradigm about relationships. Only for women who have DECIDED that yes they will have lasting love and healthy partnership.

If that’s you — if you’re committed and decisive — then let’s set up a time to talk for a free Love Strategy Session.


My program is not for everyone; it’s an intense but loving journey. But hey, getting a great relationship in a few weeks or months vs wasting another decade means there’s got to be transformation happening. The good news is I give the best support in the world and will be with you every step of the way.


There are a few openings in my schedule over the next day or two to set up time with me to see if you qualify for joining my program. Book your time now:


Love in the next decade is going to be harder than ever. Set yourself up for having the fulfilling, safe, passionate relationship you’ve always wanted by getting the tools to win in love now.


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. If you know you want a great relationship in the next decade…to find your forever person…take action now. There are fewer and fewer people getting into healthy relationships and I don’t want you to miss you. Set up a time for your free Love Strategy Session here now:

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