There is SO much love happening over here I am just bursting with delight for my clients! It’s incredible what they are manifesting and creating for romance:

“We partook in a moon ritual last night during the eclipse…we had to set intentions and he shared his. The first one was to continue to build on his relationship with me, continue to get closer to me, continue to open up…it was incredibly sweet. When he shared all of that he looked at me like he was falling in love with me”


“Pleasure and fun have never been a priority in my life. As I went through the exercise of documenting the things that do bring me pleasure, it hit me that I’ve blown off fun because it felt frivolous. Even in my work life, it has been non-existent and work has come first. It also hit me that I wasn’t given the tools from my mother about love or relationships due to her own past and outlook on them. She taught me to be independent and not “need” a man in my life. I’m so glad I’m changing all of this and changing my love life.”


“I gained so much self-respect for doing the Course. I feel good about making the effort, I took chance to do it. I like telling people I have done it…going after something important that I want – I RESPECT that!”


“This program was full of good information, resources and tools I can use for the rest of my life. So glad I made the investment! A lot of this stuff is priceless and I can work on ongoing. I have never done anything like before…I am so Glad I took the Leap!!!!”


If you want to have a man look at you like he’s falling in love with you…


If you want to heal your limiting beliefs from your mom which are keeping you from love…


If you want to respect yourself more and have a treasure trove of resources and tools so you feel confident in dating and relationships…


Then let’s talk! It can be easy to get the help you need to make love work for you and get you feeling like a total goddess!

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