Hey single ladies! Are you looking for commitment but just can’t seem to get there?


Do the people you meet seem to just want casual dating?


Or are you afraid to bring it up, only to find out months later that he isn’t looking for a girlfriend?


Wanting commitment but not getting it can be SO frustrating! And lonely.


You have so much love to give, and such a big heart, but you’re dying inside settling for crumbs and only able to give half of your heart.


Living like this for years can close down your desire for love…make you forget about intimacy…and disconnect you from your feminine energy.


And when we’re cut off from our heart, our desires, and our feminine power, everything in life is more dull. Flat. Boring. We’re living a shell of who we really are.


Most of the women I work with want to feel free to give their heart and love fully, and BE LOVED fully in return.


But they get trapped in this cycle of non-commital, non-relationship situations.


How do you break free?


By staying committed to yourself:


to your desire for love and speaking your truth about what you want instead of hiding, afraid it’ll push him away…


to your truth of what does and doesn’t feel good to you, so you communicate authentically and vulnerably…


To your passions and projects outside of love — to what lights you up and is your purpose in the world…


If you want commitment, you have to be committed to feeling good in the moment and your own needs and interests…without being so independent you push the right people away.


This is an art, a skill to master — not something you can learn in a book. It takes courage, and it takes feedback from an expert who knows how to help you draw someone back to you again and again until you’ve got the commitment you crave.


I’ve helped women go from single for 8 years to getting engaged in 6 months. And other women who were doing the friends-with-benefits thing, and 12 months later they are engaged.


Are you ready to have a real relationship?


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you are stuck with casual dating, or still looking for commitment — and you know you have so much more love to give — let’s talk! It’s my passion to help single, successful women get into the relationship of their dreams, quickly and while having a lot of fun. But the catch is you’ve got to be committed to yourself and to love more than to your excuses. If that’s you, set up your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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