So many women are dealing with junk-food men these days.

A few random messages from guys online.

An ex that pops back up every once in awhile for a little fun.

Or a fantasy-crush on a guy who’s not even available.

These are junk-food men.

They make you feel good for a few moments, maybe even give you a little hope, but they are not giving you the key vitamin you need.

Vitamin LOVE!!!

When we aren’t getting this life-sustaining, body-pleasing, heart-nourishing vitamin, we walk around emotionally HUNGRY.

The big problem is it creates such depravity that we’ll do anything to fill that void, emotional consequences be damned.

It turns into this vicious cycle.

And pushes away the exact sort of man who would be able to fulfill our true heart’s desires.

The women I work with go from these junk-food experiences into having ULTIMATE CHOICE.

They go from no dates lined up to having two guys compete for their time on a Friday night (you’ll hear about this Monday on our Facebook live interview in The Art of Passionate Intimacy)

They go from meeting non-committal men to attracting a guy who texts every day and takes you to the fanciest restaurant in town (as Amanda shared in her interview with us yesterday).

You can keep eating the cheetos…

But don’t you think you deserve the steak, caviar, and champagne?

(or organic vegan burger & green juice if that’s your style)…

So, I just have one question for you.

Are you going hungry?

Are you getting your VITAMIN LOVE?

Because I’m setting the table 🙂

And I’m here to show you it’s absolutely possible to attract all the REAL men you want.

If you’re ready for a love that never leaves you starving, then let’s talk.

Xoxo, Violet

You can pick out your seat at the table here for your free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love session

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