It’s easy to compartmentalize our love life…


We get a little emotional intimacy from our hot colleague,


Or a little physical intimacy from an ex or friend with benefits,


Or we meet our need for love and romance by watching Hallmark movies and pining away at celebrity crushes.


All of these little bits are not love — they are junk food snacks.


I don’t want you to have “a la carte” love — a little here, a little there.


I want you to have the real deal full meal — unshakable trust and commitment, passion so hot it leaves you yearning for more even after you’ve been married for years, and more romance than a Queen can receive in a whole lifetime!


Yes, a love like this exists and you don’t have to settle for scraps.


But here’s the deal. Most people address their love life in tiny little ways that never amount to the big change they seek.


They read a book, or watch a video, or try a new dating app.


But it’s totally unorganized, misguided, and too little too late.


If you needed open heart surgery, would you watch a youtube video? Or would you book an appointment with the best doctor you could find?


Love is no different. If you’re getting scraps, it’s because you’re settling for scraps and you’re approaching your love life totally wrong — hoping to get the real deal full meal but only having junk food snacks.


The way I work with women in dating, love, and relationships is revolutionary, in fact I don’t know anyone else who approaches it like I do.


I work with my women for life, as long as it takes.


I cover the whole gamut from dating, apps, and flirting, to commitment, communication, and intimacy.


My clients are single, dating, even married, and want to have all the secrets to attracting (and keeping) an incredible love for life.

What’s the real deal full meal relationship for you? What does it feel like? What does it look like?


What sort of woman do you need to become to get this?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re ready for the real deal full meal of love — a love that lasts a lifetime and keeps growing WITH you not against you — then let’s talk. Stop settling for scraps. Just book a free Breakthrough to Love call here with my team at

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