Are you facing an upper limit when it comes to love?


There was a quote I saw in a magazine and it said


“In case of emergency, break glass ceiling.”


I loved it so much it’s on my vision board for 2019.


But what about our glass ceilings, our upper limits, when it comes to love?


Do you feel you get stuck at a certain stage of relationship, like right after intimacy, or right before exclusivity, or never getting to engaged?


Or do you have no problem getting into relationships, but have an upper limit on the type of partner you attract and commit to, repeating old patterns of settling and fixing?


What’s your upper limit when it comes to love?


If you *REALLY* could have everything you want in love, what would you start doing?


What would you continue doing?


And what would you stop doing?


Most of us know what we need to start, continue, and stop doing (and if you don’t, set up some time to talk with us for free so we can help you get clear).


We just have no idea how. We have no one to help us avoid our blind spots and no one to cheer us on with our new behaviors and approach.


If you’re facing an upper limit, you need help. You need a boost up!


Which can either happen through long, intense personal work like years and years of therapy, or a bunch of retreats, neither of which are really customized to dating and love.


Or you can get help from a coach — someone who knows how to get from point A to point Z (or in this case, from swiping to walking down the aisle).


Breaking through an upper limit, in any part of life, takes a lot of courage. Especially in love where our habits form when we’re young.


It starts with getting inspired and realizing you can have more! You just have to make a choice.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you have a hard time choosing yourself — if you fall into co-dependent patterns — it might be time to look at becoming interdependent, so you can create a healthy relationship. Learn how to bust through the upper limits of your old patterns by booking a free Breakthrough to Love call with me or someone from my team here:

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