So many women I speak to want men to share more…

They want to know where they stand with a date or new romance.

But so many women also get this part of dating and relationships totally wrong.

They misinterpret the guy and end up getting anxious and self-sabotaging.

This is not cool — because a ton of early stage relationships can get better and better versus fizzling out.

But it requires a new skill set and a way stronger connection to your body and heart,

so you can show up authentically, without pushing him away or demanding things he’s not wired to provide.

Now are there avoidant guys out there?

Of course — and my husband was one of them before I worked my magic with him…

There are skillful ways to show up differently to dating, so things are smoother and you still get what you desire.

One of my clients Kasandra always wanted more from whatever guy she was talking to…

No matter what he did it wasn’t enough.

Her inner child wanted more and more compliments and would never sleep!

(Oh how I know and love that hungry little girl in me too!)

When she first reached out to me, she wasn’t sure she’d ever experience the love she wanted…

But she gave my tools and system a shot,

And now her man is surprising her with weekend get-aways and romantic messages.

Men can be expressive — just like Kasandra’s new man, and just like my husband is now — when you know how to relate to your partner in a way that works for both of you.

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re wondering how to get a man to open up, to pursue you, to romance you, to claim you…then we should talk. But here’s the catch — my free breakthrough to love sessions are only for women who are deeply committed to love and healthy partnership. The tools I share are super effective but I want them in the right hands with women who want to be more loving and bring conscious partnership to the planet. If that’s you, pick out some time here now for our 45 minute call:

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