It makes me so mad to see women suffer.

To feel their heartbreak and despair, especially when they feel disempowered about love and dating and men.

Yes, we all want to have incredible love. But most people don’t ever reach the level of love for themselves that makes attracting a partner fun and easy.

When I started working with my client Lisbeth, she was in a rough place.

She had been dating a narcissist who promised her the moon…but never committed to her and left her feeling emotionally raw.

Old stories kept creeping up like “will I ever be in a great relationship?” “what if everyone else gets love but I don’t?”

The worst part was she had started to experience anxiety that kept her up at night, and woke her up in the morning…

it was eating away at her, and she was feeling more nervous than ever that she might end up alone.

When Lisbeth and I talked for the first time a few months ago, she had hit rock bottom emotionally and mentally.

And it was even affecting her confidence at work to the point where she had to get a different job.

Lisbeth was a little hesitant that my approach would work for her, simply because she felt so stuck and hopeless…

But she went forward anyway, since she was committed to her dreams of love more than her fears and she knew she needed a change.

Was it easy?

No. Fixing anything that’s been broken for years is not simple.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely. Within a few months Lisbeth was dating a great guy — in fact a higher quality guy than she’d ever dated before.

She was attracting men everywhere she went and flirting with ease and confidence.

But more importantly she was feeling fantastic about herself! Not only did the men around her notice, her friends and her boss did too.

It was as if her life had just begun. She was able to stay emotionally uplifted and resilient, connected to herself, and having a great time dating vs feeling stuck and empty.

I love seeing women become full again — full of hope, full of life, full of love. Full of CHOICE about who they date, and the relationships they get in.

But this is NOT something that happens by magic, with reading an affirmation or watching a video.

Unless it’s in your body, it’s not transformation. If it’s only in your mind, it’s information.

And relationships are not made out of information! Or they would be a relationship of two robots!

Great love requires great transformation. A blessing requires you to be big enough to receive the enormity of the gift.

Are you big enough to receive great love?

Incredible romance requires incredible heart and tenacity. It requires that you move out of your small self and into your big Self.

Are you ready to play in the Big Story?

If you’re committed to your own transformation and committed to being in a loving relationship, then it’s time to stop settling..

I want you to OWN your power. To rise fully into your feminine. And to embrace a life of love.

Xoxo, Violet

PS If you’ve decided you want love in 2018, and are ready to learn how, let’s chat. In our phone call you’ll get incredible insight into your love life, what’s holding you back, and what you can look forward to in the future when you put in the work. These Breakthrough to Love sessions are totally free, but they are only for women who want transformation and are ready to heal. I’m committed to serving 10,000 women into love, and I want to work with the best. If that’s you, pick out a spot now to talk at


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