Longing after men who are just getting out of a relationship, who put you in friend zone, or who are super busy with their careers, is a huge problem in dating.

It’s hard not to want a guy who’s successful and has his own preferences…that sort of confidence is sexy!

But the allure of an unavailable man keeps you stuck — in romance and in life.

Have you ever put more energy into “getting the guy” than your work or creative projects?

Have your girlfriends ever complained that you get obsessed with your crush and can barely talk about anything else?

Or do your kids notice that mommy is happy when she has his attention, but anxious and moody when he hasn’t texted in a while?

Changing this pattern is not easy, especially when it’s been going on for you for decades.

You might think you have to just give up and try to find the “nice” guys attractive.

The truth is, you can draw an amazing man closer to you…

But it takes skill and support.

It takes you being in your power AND in your heart, instead of being a pushover or an ice queen.

It takes YOU changing your own patterns of communication and how you show up (not over-giving, and not withholding).

When we’re attracted to unavailable men, we are usually unavailable to part of ourselves — the part that needs healing, or the part that’s scared of rejection.

If you want a committed relationship, it’s time to commit to yourself.

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you are committed to love, determined to have a great relationship, and willing to learn, let’s talk. You’ll get clarity on what’s keeping you from incredible, passionate love and a roadmap for what to do instead. Set up a free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love call with me or someone from my team here: https://violetlange.com/talk

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