This is the hottest time of year for love and romance…

Memorial Day barbecues kick-off summer parties and summer dating — when more and more people are out and about.

But there’s a big problem:

While many women SAY they’re ready for love this summer…

Not all women are WILLING to make changes to actually be ready for, and in, a healthy, lasting relationship.

It’s not your fault if you’ve put off this part of your life or are recovering from heartache…

Because chances are good no one ever taught you the skills and approach and self-confidence you need to win in love.

This is an issue because I don’t want you to waste your time this summer “getting ready to get ready”, and then wake up at Thanksgiving with no good men and all turkeys ?

So here’s what doesn’t work:

*getting advice from your single girlfriends, or from married friends who have amnesia about dating

*getting stuck online without a strategy or guidance to help bring you the right men

*getting into meditation, reading books, talk-therapy or other intellect-only methods which don’t bring you into your body and heart

Here’s what does work:

*showing up hungry to do the inner work for lasting love through practices which connect your mind, heart, and body

*reaching out to a tribe and mentor who have been where you are and know how to get unstuck and build a relationship

*making a bold decision to find love this summer

One of my clients Debbie had spent years wanting a different love life…

But she wasn’t sure what to do.

When she talked to me she was shocked that she could go from feeling run-down and helpless in dating,

to be in an incredible relationship within weeks.

Despite her cautious nature, Debbie said yes to love — to get the support and tools she needed to make this part of her life work.

She knew nothing would change unless she changed, and she knew she wouldn’t change unless she worked with someone specifically on love.

14 weeks after starting to work with me, Debbie has a great boyfriend who texts her daily, sees her multiple times a week, and really listens to her and cherishes her…

She has new clients and new opportunities as a result of her greater confidence and power…

And she feels better about love than ever before — like a weight has been lifted.

I see so many women get in a rut in their dating life or get focused on the wrong things.

Which is crazy when there’s a much easier way.

If you want to go from single to summer love, then don’t make those mistakes above.

Do what Debbie did — shake things up and get the support you need.

Don’t let summer pass by without some sizzle 🙂

Xoxo Violet

PS if you’ve decided you want love, are hungry for the inner work to be your best self, and want a tribe to encourage you versus trying to figure it out alone, let’s talk! I’m getting back from Paris in a few days and have some spots on my calendar for a few women to have complimentary Breakthrough to Love sessions. In this 45 minute call, you’ll get clarity on what’s stopping you from having an awesome relationship, and get support on your vision of ideal love. Sign up now for your free spot:

Devoted to Love,



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