How have you been during this quarantine?

We’ve entered into a cocoon…

But will you emerge a butterfly?

Or just hibernate as a caterpillar?

Issac Newton had to go into quarantine because of the bubonic plague…and during that time, he discovered gravity!

What will you discover during this COVID-19 cocoon?

Will you use the time to numb out, or to transform?

The world will be different when the shelter-in-place is done.

Relationships will be different. Dating will be different.

Will you be ready?

This time is a wake-up call to realign with what you value most, and to set the stage for your future.

A long time ago I decided to stop playing small in love…to start being the butterfly I knew I was…and now I have a passionate, inspiring marriage and a beautiful little butterfly baby (see our pants below :))

So if you want different experiences (such as more commitment, more fun, more power, more ease) in your love life after this is all over, it’s time to begin now.

For the women currently in my program, I’m giving them all of the quarantine time as extra time in my program, as a bonus.

Which means if you were to start working with me, you’d get this time of quarantine as extra time in the course too.

An extra month or two to get ready to date again.

Bonus time to clear out the closet of limiting beliefs, old heartache, dangerous patterns of attraction, and playing small when it comes to love.

Can you imagine emerging from this feeling more bold, feminine, radiant, and skilled than ever before?

Can you imagine the outstanding potential partners being drawn to you because of the shifts you made internally during this time?

Can you imagine the passionate love and emotional connection you create so if something like this were to happen again, you’d have a great love by your side?

(a few of my clients got engaged or married in January and February…amazing that they trusted their intuition and started working with me in the months before! They’re quarantining with the love of their life!)

If you know you can’t go back to the old ways of dating that weren’t serving you…

And if you know you want to leverage this time to be in a whole new level of love…

Then I invite you to connect here:

Instead of getting 3 months in my signature love and dating program Queens of Pleasure, you’d get 5 months — all that extra time stacked in your favor. Nearly double the amount of group calls and 1:1s.

What are you waiting for? The end of the world as you know it? Well, it’s already here. It can be chaos, or it can be creative. Your choice. Will you choose love?

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. if you want to emerge from this cocoon as a butterfly, and have your wings ready to fly into a great relationship, AND, if you’re committed to actually doing the work on yourself, let’s talk. I am offering Love Strategy Sessions again now here:

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