The myth is that you should just follow your heart.


The truth is you should NOT just follow your heart.


Dating can be dangerous — what if you end up with the wrong guy? What if you miss out on the right guy? What if you accidentally ruin a relationship that had huge potential?


I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve sabotaged so many great relationships I can’t even count them on one hand.


Thank God I learned what I needed to know (and what I now teach my clients), and landed an amazing guy (my husband Jason).


Look, divorce costs anywhere from $20k to $70k, not to mention future costs like behavior problems for kids and lack of combined income to help pay for college.


It’s a huge problem to not know the right way to date.


But guess what?


I know that you CAN do this!


Dating can be simple, fun, and easy. I witness women do it all the time.


Light bulbs go off in their head. The pieces of the puzzle come together. They get the “decoder ring” for modern romance.


I have a Dating Guidemap and Dating Rules of the Road that everyone I work with gets. It’s like having the keys to the Queendom! And it’s just one tiny part of what I offer my clients.


With this Dating Guidemap and Dating Rules of the Road, my clients


get a boyfriend for the first time in years.


find a high quality match instead of settling.


and get engaged in a matter of months instead of worrying they’ll never meet their guy.


My client Maria texted me just a few days ago:


“Violet! This was the very first date I’ve been on in over 18 months and it was incredible. I can’t believe the way that the desires and longings I identified (in the program) showed up in very real ways. The stuff you are teaching is so powerful and I can’t wait to see what is possible as I continue to do this work and embrace the life of a queen of pleasure and love. Thank you!!!”


Want to learn the right way to date? What to have the SKILLS you need to date effectively and attract the best and weed out the rest?


Sign up for a free call with our team .


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re thinking well, I’ll just wait til later, it’s almost the holidays, I want to tell you — KEEP MOMENTUM GOING. If you’re reading this message you’re one step closer to love. Don’t go backwards. It is way harder to get back on the horse if you keep delaying taking action. How do you know when your soulmate is going to walk by and you might not notice or have the skills to make a great relationship? He might be at New Years Eve and you’ll be glad you got support when you did, so your 2019 is romantic and magical. Grab your spot for your free call now:

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