If you ever wonder…why do I have to do “work” to attract my partner?
Why aren’t men stepping up and doing their work too?
The good news is there are decent guys out there who are becoming even greater.
The bad news is that a successful relationship does take work and it does take skill.
Because an amazing relationship is rare but totally worth it.
Not a day goes by I’m not grateful to be married to the man of my dreams…we have incredible chemistry and deep communication. He treats me like a Queen. And we have a partnership which gets better and thrives.
Now, normally I am writing to you about YOUR love life!
But today I wanted to share some men’s work, so you know that incredible men are out there doing their part to make love happen too.
What I’m about to share with you is for the men in your life who need a great woman, but just aren’t succeeding with the ladies.
This is for your guy friend with a good heart who doesn’t know what to say to women,
for your single brother who’s ready to settle down,
and for your colleague who’s super smart but kinda awkward.
My husband Jason Lange works with men and helps them go from being just a “nice guy” to a being a great catch…
He helps men understand how to respectfully and effectively pursue women and build a lasting relationship.
Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of men out there who do want a great relationship, they just don’t know what to do about it.
If you know any men like this, guys you’d love to see find their future girlfriend or wife, but could use a little help, definitely send them here:
It’s his free training for men called Beyond the Nice Guy
Men (and women) around the world will thank you for spreading the word about this men’s work.
We need even more good men out there for our friends, sisters, and society. Enough of the toxic masculine — let the men of integrity rise.
xxoo, Violet

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