Woman: “I need to know where this is going”

Man: “I need to get to know you before I know where this is going”

How comfortable are you with the unknown, the grey areas?

Or do you need things to be black and white?

Is it easy to not know where things are headed?

To allow yourself to be yourself and open up, even if you don’t know how it’ll turn out?

Or do you feel you need to know NOW if it’s leading to the aisle, 4 babies, and an outdoors grill?

It’s so nice to have certainty.

But we don’t live in those times.

Chemistry thrives on the unknown.

And it keeps relationships interesting.

But our ego is ravenous for security.

We want to know on the first date or two, “is he the one?”

All the times I thought that, I was wrong.

Maybe it’s just the universe’s cruel joke 🙂

When I met my partner, I knew there was something there.

In fact I had met him in a dream a few weeks before we met in person.

But it never felt like that “falling” feeling I had had before which ended disastrously.

It wasn’t thinking about our future that brought us closer.

It was sharing what was happening in the moment,

And asking myself “am I having fun?”

“Do I feel safe?”

“Am I learning and growing?”

It’s about following the feeling, trusting your intuition, knowing how to build closeness, and being okay in the grey.

When my friends asked Jason why he proposed, he said “because she followed me wherever I led.”

It wasn’t about me predicting the future or putting pressure on him.

It was about me trusting him and his love for me.

And trusting myself enough to walk away if I needed to.

There are lots of soulmates out there — twin flames, whatever you want to call it 🙂

You have ultimate choice over who you want to be with (not the other way around)

Who will you build a deeper and deeper connection with?

So it gets better day after day?

Do you have the skills and tools to get there?

Or are you hoping if you sacrifice now what you want and need,

You’ll magically get what you want in the future?

After working with dozens of women and talking to women each day,

Patterns only change when we change.

Fear doesn’t just go away without conscious awareness and choice.

What’s holding you back now?

What’s keeping you from being open to a relationship?

Is your need to know helping you or hurting you?

TRUST is the new currency.

For yourself, for the universe, for your partner.

How deeply can you surrender to the flow and keep your dignity too?

Would love to hear how you’re navigating the grey area and if you have trouble trusting yourself or others.



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