Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
The Pleasure of Creativity with Yulia Topchiy

The pleasures of creativity are many! As women we are powerful creators. My amazing guest Yulia Topchiy discusses creativity and The Assembly Room NYC, founded to help female creators. Yulia Topchiy is an independent curator and co-founder of Assembly Room, a platform for independent women curators on the Lower East Side. Originally from Russia, Yulia has spent 16 years in New York working for commercial galleries, auction house, art fairs, and not for profits before launching her curatorial debut with CoWorker Projects. Yulia works with an extensive network of emerging and established artists and collaborates with galleries, non-profits, and independent curators on special projects and exhibitions. Until recently Yulia served as a Senior Gallery Relations manager where she specialized in online sales, global promotion, and exposure through online strategies at Artsy. Yulia also played an important role in several Artsy Projects initiatives where she created commissions, performances, and site-specific installations.

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