Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Fertility & Freya with Marco Lam

Fertility is a HUGE subject for women, as well as reproductive health and smooth menstrual cycles. In this episode we talk about Freya, a modern supplement for women looking to safeguard their fertility and improve their periods. Special guest Marco Lam talks about how Chinese Medicine can improve fertility by 30 to 60%! Visit to learn more and get Freya for yourself or another woman you care about. Pleasure Path listeners use this link to get 25% off a 1-month supply!

Marco Chung-Shu Lam has practiced Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for over twenty years and is lauded to have a unique style of practice combining a deeply compassionate presence with a natural gift with plant medicines. He is well known in the Boulder community for his expertise in treating infertility and helping women regulate their menstrual cycles.

Marco earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara with a thesis on the holistic treatment of immune disorders. His education includes graduate work in both Taoist and Buddhist Studies and time spent practicing Qigong and Chinese Medicine in a Taoist Monastery. Marco was an instructor at the Connecting Point Massage School in Telluride, Colorado where he taught the famed Shiatsu and whole food nutrition program in the early 90s. He studied Chinese Medicine at both the Tai Hsuan Monastery and at the Hawaii College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. He received his Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College, a nationally accredited school in 2001. Marco is committed to constantly improving the craft and art of Chinese Medicine. He finished a two-year course of study with Lonny Jarrett, author of Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine, and an authority on integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Acupuncture into a cohesive practice style. He is committed to an integral medicine that incorporates traditional wisdom with the best of the evolving perspectives of our present time.

Marco draws from his Chinese heritage an affinity for both traditional Chinese medicine and the Taoist world view. The ancient sages believed that health and peace came from being in harmony with the deeper currents of nature. He practices a living system of herbalism and integrates the traditional Chinese herbology with the use of many local medicinal herbs that he harvests himself. He invites you to the path of Chinese Medicine and to the fullness of health that you can experience.

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