Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Sexual Wellbeing with Rahi Chun

Sexual wellbeing enhances our mood, our relationship, and our health. Rahi Chun joins me to discuss somatic sexual wellness and how important it is in our lives. We also get into some fun discussions that I’m sure you will enjoy!

Rahi combines his training and experience as a CA state-certified Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodyworker, Certified TRE Provider, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner, Life Coach with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, with certifications in Family Constellations Therapy, Pulsation Therapy, DeArmouring, and Faster EFT for Sexual Trauma in his facilitation of Somatic Sexual Wholeness. Over the years, he has found the deepest and most effective approach for resolving our adult sexual issues is to first address any early childhood attachment deficits affecting the nervous system, before reclaiming the adolescent’s sovereign voice/choice of their body’s boundaries & consent, after which empowered awareness and aliveness can be fully restored within the pelvic bowl for alignment of the whole being.

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