Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Reclaim Your Erotic Essence & Save Your Relationship

Want that sizzle, that dazzle, that magical mystique? Of course you do. Everyone does. And if you’re in a long-term relationship, it can feel harder to maintain that over time.

We’re witnessing an epidemic of sexless relationships — some studies put it at 15% of all marriages. When it comes to sex, sensuality, and a woman’s erotic essence, it can be easy to lose.

One way this can show up is as mismatched desire. A man wants sex with his woman (i.e. wants to know, “How do I get my wife to have sex with me more?”), but she’s not feelin’ it. Maybe she feels like her libido is low. Maybe she wants to figure out whether there’s something wrong with her — isn’t it her wifely duty to “provide sex” to her husband/man?

Here, we delve into the pattern of losing one’s erotic essence as well as the delicious ways to reclaim it. YES, it is possible to get that sexy, sassy, soulful passion back — both in a relationship as well as just in your own body.

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