Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
How to Create Joyful Intimacy with Dawn Quintanilla

I’m so excited about my special guest. Dawn Quintanilla is an intimacy coach for couples and singles. She studied with and is certified as a coach in the Erotic Blueprints (TM) by Jaiya and is studying to be depth therapist with a focus on trauma and somatic psychology. Dawn is also an intuitive Reiki Practitioner for over 4 years and a channeler. Her focus right now is a desire for more conscious, consensual sex where we can be in our turn on and feel safe. She believes pleasure is the path to leading one’s best life and if we come from a place of pleasure we can live our most joy-full experience connected to our bodies. You can reach Dawn at or and on instagram @joyfullbody

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