Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Violet Lange's Pleasure Path
Feminine Energy in Business with Darlene Loves

Have you ever wanted to bring your feminine energy to your work? Have you ever felt that you could be creating and living more if you allowed yourself to flow in your day and prioritize your pleasure? Tune in to learn about feminine energy in business with my special guest Darlene Loves.

As a woman in the professional landscape, if you’re frustrated because you struggle to receive the recognition, money, and success you deserve, Darlene can help. Darlene is a women’s life and business coach, and founder of The Feminine Business Academy and Feminine Business Chronicles podcast supporting women to harness their natural feminine power to create the life and business they want without having to sacrifice themselves, compete, work hard, or be like a “man”. Set yourself free to fully be you, create from within, and allow your feminine gifts, talents, and strengths to support you to excel at home and in business at

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