Pleasure Priestess

Become a high priestess of pleasure, embodying your witchy, bitchy, naughty, luxurious, divine self for the good of all as we transform humanity

The Pleasure Priestess Program is designed to help you:

  • Experience even greater pleasure in your body, expanding your orgasmic capacity
  • Transmute emotions into exalted experiences so you never feel stuck
  • Heal your shadow and integrate the hidden or unexpressed parts of you keeping you blocked from living your full potential
  • Increase your abundance by teaching you tools for creating more prosperity and manifesting more easily
  • Step into your most badass, beautiful 5D self so you can dial up the amount of love and consciousness on the planet and beyond — we are bringing humanity up to the level of pleasure and we need you
  • Create practical magic in a good-witch-way so your expansion is grounded and sustainable
  • Connect with a coven, a community, of other incredible womxn weaving their lives as a sacred offering to the divine — finally your full self is welcome, appreciated, seen, and applauded
  • Improve all of your relationships by bringing yourself into alignment with your truth, power, and boundaries
  • Launch or exponentially grow your business (Violet has made over a million dollars in revenue in only 3.5 years with these tools)
  • Get ready for the level 2 of pleasure priestess, for those who choose to continue, which is all about harnessing the dark night of the soul and the dark face of the moon to catapult you into mastery of manifesting your deepest desires

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants more pleasure, joy, and abundance in their life
  • Womxn who celebrate the divine feminine
  • Pleasure seekers who have experienced some pleasure and are ready to turn their pleasure into power and integrate their pleasure into their purpose that expands into all aspects of their lives (self, friends, family, partner(s), and business) 
  • This is NOT for people who want to do things “by the book” or the old patriarchal way
  • Mothers, friends, boss-babes who know that they role model wellbeing for those around them and who want to heal generationally or throughout their organization or circle
  • Leaders committed to embodying their multidimensional self for healing our society in its next chapter

What is the format?

  • Weekly two-hour Temple Time for 9 weeks with live mentoring, ritual, Q&A, energy activations, sharing medicine/gifts, and more
  • Coven Collective group — a sacred online space to share and receive meaningful, inspiring guidance and downloads from Violet and Dawn in between sessions 
  • Three one-hour individual sessions on shadow healing and releasing your blocks with Dawn Wylde
  • Bonus Pleasure Party to unveil your unique Pleasure Priestess
  • Course offerings which you have access to for life, even after the program ends, including:
    • Living from pleasure and for pleasure
    • Channeling your priestess
    • Trix energy and manifesting with magic
    • Dom energy and manifesting with power
    • Sacred Slut energy and manifesting with seduction
    • Pleasure Goddess energy and manifesting with your environment and senses
    • Divine Femme energy and manifesting with your chakras and sexuality
    • Creating your own Pleasure Priestess persona


Who will be your guides?

Dawn Wylde

Dawn Wylde

I am known as your bada$$ Fairy Godmother because I specifically us all of my skills to help you heal and transform from shadow, suffering and pain into attracting and getting all you dream of. I specifically work with conscious sexuality, pleasure positivity, and manifesting with pleasure because I have found that all these combined have gotten my clients and myself the best results for truly living the life they want. My special gifts are healing all the trauma, guilt and shame around sex, pleasure, and having a desirable life. From there I help you learn how to create a life that is filled with passion, play, and magnificent. Where like magic dreams do come true!
Violet Love Lange

Violet Love Lange

I am an intimacy, love, and relationship mentor, as well as a business builder for heart-centered entrepreneurs. I have my MBA from Harvard and coach training from Layla Martin and the Coach Training Alliance. I’m also a Reiki Master and 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher. I am passionate about sacred sexuality, embodiment, and pleasure as a path to power, purpose, and prosperity. I’m a passionate ice cream lover, devoted mama and wife, and Leo Sun/Scorpio Moon/Capricorn Rising.

When can I start?

  • Temple Time starts the week of January 11th
  • But the multidimensional journey starts as soon as you say yes and enroll — meaning you can experience even more magic the sooner you get started because you’ll have more time in the portal we’ve created
  • Join via Payment Plan, Single Payment, or VIP below

How do I sign up?

Sign up by January 11th and get:
  • 2020 Fire Ceremony blessing and releasing your blocks, which you can use throughout 2021 to release and renew
  • 2021 Magical Map to Manifesting, a divine blueprint for harmoniously elevating every area of your life this year
  • Chakra Balancing Pleasure Practice to come into alignment with your goals and dreams and bring them to life faster

Payment Plan

Five monthly payments of $511

Single Payment

One payment of $1900



Two payments of $1700

  • Includes VIP pleasure pack with luxurious treats including luscious lube, pleasure crystals, abundance ritual and more
  • As well as two individual sessions with Violet
  • Can be split into two payments of $1700 each


One payment of $3400

  • Includes VIP pleasure pack with luxurious treats including luscious lube, pleasure crystals, abundance ritual and more
  • As well as two individual sessions with Violet
  • Can be split into two payments of $1700 each

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