Sacred Sensuality

An 8 Week Journey into Pleasure through the Chakras Registration Now Open

Sacred Sensuality is designed to help you become embodied and empowered in your healthy expression of pleasure. Integrate your spirituality and your sensuality for greater power, ease, and openness to the flow of love.

You will learn how to manifest using this potent life-force energy and how to heighten your turn-on and desire. We will explore becoming multi-orgasmic as well as energetic, cervical, gspot orgasms, toegasms, heartgasms and more!

This is also an opportunity to heal from past shame and judgment as we decondition the societal and cultural beliefs which keep women from healthy self-expression. We will be reclaiming our bodies, our pleasure, our needs, and our boundaries.

Our group is open to women in any stage of relationship, and any stage of life.

About Violet

I am a love, dating, and relationship expert who focuses on pleasure, as I believe when we follow our pleasure we find our power, and from that place we can create lasting love.

I created this course from my studies and practices over the past 10 years with sacred sensuality. This was the missing piece in much of my embodiment and feminine energy journey, and I’m honored to now share it.

This is not only about intimacy…it’s also about feeling good in your own skin, feeling radiant, turned-on, and sensual, and sending that energy into your dreams and desires as a catalyst and spark towards your destiny.

It’s about being unapologetic as a woman. Pleasure is an act of defiance. Pleasure is your birthright. It is sacred. And it is needed now, in conjunction with heart and action.

I will be teaching about bringing sensual energy into each of your chakras — with one bonus call as well.

There will be teaching, live coaching, practices, questions for reflection, Q&A, music, and more. Call day of the week & time will be determined based on what works best for the group. Calls will start in June 2024.

8 Sessions over 8 Weeks

Same women each week / closed container

90 minute group calls weekly, led by Violet

Confidential recordings of call replays for you to keep

Two Sacred Sensuality practices per week for you to use and keep (15 practices total)

Pleasure pack with crystal yoni egg of your choice

Praise for the Program

Through Sacred Sensuality, I became more non-judgmental about myself and others, and I developed a vocabulary to express my needs. I’m more connected to my body, my self, and the divine.

Connecting with women from all walks of life over the many topics we discussed in this course gave me the boost I needed to be able to stand up for what I know in my heart is what I desire, rather than slip back into my old ways and cause myself unnecessary heartache.

There was such a level of trust, openness, vulnerability, care, and nurturing within the group that it felt totally safe. Connecting to our deep feminine sensuality felt all the more sacred while holding space for each other in sisterhood.

I enrolled in the course hoping to cultivate a sense of inner safety and feel more at home in my body. Connecting with my sensuality with a group of curious, open-hearted women was a really uplifting first step towards embodiment.

Sliding Scale Tuition

This is a sliding scale opportunity to access this crucial information, transformation, and support. Normal tuition and pricing is $1,500, but I am offering a range (see below) so every woman can find a way to participate, and to pay-it-forward for another woman if you have the means. If you need a scholarship, we have 3 available per cohort.

I truly believe this should be taught in high schools around the world! Every woman, at any age, should have access to her sovereign pleasure and understand how her energy and anatomy “work.” But since it isn’t, we are here now. 

2024 Cohort Starts in June — Register Below Now or email [email protected] with questions

Early Bird 1:1 Bonus Call — Register by June 1st

Sign up now with sliding-scale special pricing

I'm experiencing job loss or hardship


I'm somewhat comfortable for now


I'm thriving despite these wild times


VIP Option: Early Bird Discount of $500 Ends June 1st


You get everything for the group program above plus:

  • 7 crystal yoni eggs, one per chakra
  • Unique practices for each chakra and specific crystal egg (seven bonus practices)
  • 7 sixty-minute 1:1 private video calls with Violet
  • Customized meditations, practices, and insights for your particular visions and challenges in love and intimacy
  • Text and email support throughout the 8 weeks
  • Limited to 3 people total 

With my private clients, the VIP option has been $5500+ for Sacred Sensuality work, so this is a great opportunity for learning, transformation, and integration, with a lot of personalized attention

A Unique Opportunity

This is my first time offering Sacred Sensuality in the past two years, and I’m not sure when I will offer it again.

I’m sending you love and pleasure. Thank you for shining your light, connecting to your body, and opening your heart.

I look forward to continuing this powerful, pleasurable journey with you!

xoxo Violet


Praise for the Program

Highlighting sensuality’s sacred connection to the divine was a major gateway to personal development! I loved the practices connecting our sensuality to the Earth and animals, the divine masculine, our higher selves, our wombs as the holy grail. Reframing sensuality this way felt magical!

Turn-on is an incredible force! Now that I’m juiced up and feeling this life force energy flowing within me, I feel empowered to sustain it and create with it!

My body has long been a source of great unresolved pain, so I wasn’t sure how it would relate to pleasure, how I would bridge that disconnect. Violet was a wonderful guide to navigating this unfamiliar territory.

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