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Before I met Violet I was stuck in essentially a revolving door of unsuccessful relationships – a few months with someone, then either a breakup or ghosting, leaving me bewildered and unsure what I was doing wrong. I had no problem meeting people, but I couldn’t get anyone to stick around!

For a long time I only focused on my partner, blaming him if I was unhappy in a relationship, or blaming the guy I was dating for leaving me – there must be something wrong with him. My biggest takeaway from the program was just turning the tables – what am I doing? how am I coming off to the men I date? how can i feel complete and happy on my own?

After Queens of Pleasure, I am much more aware of my femininity – I feel more confident being feminine and sexy. I used to feel like if I acted sexy or flirty, that it was slutty – but that has changed. I also have changed the way I approach dating and relationships. I used to approach it the same way I do my career – very forward and direct (with anxiety) – but I learned how to relax and receive with grace.

I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with someone I’ve known for a couple of years, for about 4 months now. When I asked him why he wanted to be with me now, why he thought the timing was right, he said – something just felt different 🙂

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