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I was struggling with low self-esteem and inability to feel safe in my body and mind when feelings of anxiety would arise in relationship. I was also struggling with how to deal with emotion or anxiety when it would come up, and now I am more comfortable expressing my feelings, and what I need. I am more comfortable communicating authentically and keeping myself feeling safe within my own self. I now know how to truly commit to myself first, this feels like the greatest lesson and gift to myself!

I chose Queens of Pleasure because of Violet and how wonderful her energy felt the first time I hear her speak on a video. Her positivity and her drive and passion. I was drawn to the commitment and dedication she has for her offering and the fearlessness in which she puts herself and her beliefs on love out there. I admire her product, the whole experience and the teachings. I would do it all over again, for sure! I continue to go back and learn from the material. And I always learn something new.

I am now a more confident and free woman. I am now loving myself and all of me. I have shed the cloak of shame. I am more of me. My wholeness. I have risen like a phoenix. And continue to rise!

Give yourself a chance! Go for the totality that you are, because you are worth it.

Give yourself the chance to work with Violet because you will grow instantly and with such ease and grace. Let yourself go into your own flow, and feel the support all around you with other Queens of Pleasure. And let yourself feel the pleasure of being in community and receiving in this journey. Give yourself to love and feel the love come back thousand fold.

Every chapter is unique designed to prepare you for love, and love that is found within you.
Let this program reveal your true nature as a woman of pleasure.

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