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Before starting Queens of Pleasure I was struggling with self esteem issues, overthinking, choosing emotionally unavailable men, feeling frustrated with dating, and had troubles setting healthy boundaries and speaking up for myself.

I felt a really great connection with Violet during our intro call and also the program content was unlike anything I had heard of before. It seemed to be more comprehensive and include elements of mind, body and spirit which really appealed to me.

My biggest takeaways have been learning how to love myself, heal myself, stop the overthinking and negative thoughts, and to stop living in fear or thinking that I am unworthy.

I am actively dating and have met so many great guys! I feel like I get to do the choosing now and I am holding out for my person. He isn’t here yet, but I know he’s coming! Violet’s course has helped me get more in touch with my body and to prioritize my pleasure.

Trust your intuition. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made and I didn’t second guess my urge to join the program. It felt right and I just went for it. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, you’re worth it and the program is worth it!

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