Radiant Love

February to May 2024

Are you ready to experience MORE in dating or in your relationship? To liberate your bold and loving self? To build skills of flirting, vulnerability & boundaries?

Dating & relationships are a spiritual path. We are all being asked to alchemize individual & collective wounds into new patterns, bringing our fullest expression.

You don’t have to stay in suffering. You don’t have to play small. You get to expand and be witnessed in your brilliance, power & devotion. Healthy love is your birthright: right now.

Radiant Love is a co-ed practice group, in a safe & fun container, to activate your confidence, courage & sexiness!

We Will Gather Weekly to Explore & Embody a Relational Toolkit Including:





Healthy Conflict & Repair

Empowerment & Boundaries

Practical Intimacy


Emotional Closeness & More…

Radiant Love

is a community where you can grow, get support in the hard times, and have a ton of fun preparing for, or deepening into, true partnership

Love will change the collective. We grow and heal IN relationships, because most harm happens IN relationships. But romantic love is not enough. If we want our lives to evolve, we have to show up differently in ALL of our relationships.
Participants Have:

Had sex for the first time in twenty years

Met someone extraordinary

Rekindled with an ex, this time with a healthy foundation

Moved in with their partner

Strengthened their existing relationship

Received new job opportunities

Met their lifelong partner

Set stronger boundaries

Found their dream home

Experienced more pleasure and eroticism

Felt more seen and validated than ever before

Call Times & Structure

Calls will be over Zoom Video for 90 minutes, for 14 weeks starting the week of February 26th. Call day and time will be determined by the group for what works best.

Each week there will be 1:1 breakout rooms, group discussion and Q&A. You can choose to do all of your breakout sessions with your partner if joining as a couple.


You’ll also receive weekly recorded practices, which you can access any time afterwards. Plus there will be a challenge each week to put these skills into place!

These activities help bring Radiant Love into your body, heart, & energy field, so you can create uplifting interactions each day, and magnetize sizzling connections.

Flow into 2024 with a burst of positive energy, momentum & freedom. There is so much more love, sex & connection to receive!

Start Date & Program Length

We will journey together for 14 weeks, starting in February 2024.

Tuition Rates

The investment for Radiant Love is as follows (individual & couples welcome)

$1250 Pay-in-Full

$300 per Month for 5 Months

$2500 VIP package

Includes four private sessions with Violet

Contact Violet for BIPOC scholarships, 2 available

Email [email protected] with questions, or sign up above to get started

Radiant Love
in 2024!
xoxo Violet

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