Are you struggling becoming the woman you’ve always known you were — vivacious, confident, magnetic — but who has gotten lost under the to-do list, the ghosting, the divorce, the perfectionism, and the pressure to keep “leaning in”?

This free training is for you.

Fabulously Feminine is a step-by-step program that anyone can use to tap into their feminine energy and have more love, abundance, enchantment, and creativity.

Feel Fabulously Feminine

With Violet Lange

It is my pleasure to help women reclaim their feminine essence, feel amazing in their bodies, and become empowered in love and life to get everything they want. I teach women how to attract and keep an incredible partner, so you can win in love and to create a fulfilling relationship that lasts.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Through love we can build healthy romance, healthy families, and a healthy world. It is time to integrate the masculine and feminine energy within us and within our partnerships.

I have my MBA from Harvard, training from Coach Training Alliance, am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and Reiki Master.

I have been coaching women for the last seven years and have trained tens of thousands of women on feminine energy and love, and I have closely mentored hundreds of women to find their partner.

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