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Fabulously Feminine is a powerful community and treasure trove of feminine practices for anyone wanting more abundance, enchantment, and creativity in their life.

This is ESPECIALLY for successful, spiritual women who have been burned by dating, or who just know there is another level of wealth, satisfaction, and creativity meant for them.

Today, finding a great partner — someone who is masculine and yet kind, driven and available — is the hardest it has EVER been (despite all the apps)…

And, today more than ever, women are working harder but losing touch with their feminine energy, the exact energy that would not only draw a great partner to them but also help them to make more money with less effort and have more fun along the way.

Until Now!

Fabulously Feminine is a step-by-step program that anyone can use to tap into their feminine energy and have more love, abundance, enchantment, and creativity.

It’s about becoming the woman you’ve always known you were — vivacious, confident, magnetic — but who has gotten lost under the to-do list, the ghosting, the divorce, the perfectionism, and the pressure to keep “leaning in.”

It’s all about cultivating your Divine Feminine (versus the media’s portrayal of the feminine), in a way that feels authentic to you, and in a way you can replicate again and again for greater fulfillment and joy in all facets of your life.

It’s about how you attract a masculine partner who wants to commit, without compromising your intelligence or integrity.

It’s about how to manifest in a feminine way, so you receive greater wealth.

And it’s about truly living and giving your greatest gifts creatively and passionately
so your family, your colleagues, your friends, and even your secret admirers, light up and take notice.



Videos & Audios

Learn from Violet the key aspects of feminine energy and how to amplify your femininity to get whatever you want in a way that feels good and is good for the world

Special Practices

Cultivate your feminine energy, attract a high quality masculine partner, and increase your abundance and creativity each day with simple tools and techniques


Identify your hidden blindspots or where you may be in your masculine energy, as well as discover where it is you want to go and what you want to create in your luscious life


Surround yourself with inspiring, successful, loving women, and get feedback from our community and the support you need from our team for your journey

Live Group Coaching Calls

Get coached by Violet every other week for actionable, individualized feedback and advice in your love life and beyond. Hear other women’s questions and learn in community.

Go from Stressed-Out to Feeling Fabulously Feminine and Attracting a Great Partner

Who is Fabulously Feminine for?

Whether you want to receive more abundance, attract higher-quality partners who are masculine AND want to commit, tap into your inherent creativity, or enchant the world with your luscious femininity, FF will help you:

  • Embody your unique feminine essence in a way that makes others take notice but still feels totally authentic to YOU
  • ​Magnetize better and better quality dates, so you have your pick of a partner instead of feeling like you have to settle
  • ​Get crystal clear on your vision and how to bring it to life in a way that is loving, supportive, and joyful

All while honoring your UNIQUE feminine essence and values, without lowering your standards

Fabulously Feminine is the Real Deal

While it’s definitely not about manipulating a man (or others), anyone with the discipline and devotion to follow a few simple steps can do this and harness their feminine energy for greater abundance, enchantment, and creativity.

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to attract a high-quality partner, or build the fulfilling-abundant-creative life they desire, is that they get stuck in their masculine energy…or they don’t understand patterns of attraction…or they push harder and harder and fail to follow the principles of feminine manifesting.

In FF, we break everything down into an easy to understand and implement process, so you do a little each day or each week, and receive the transformation and gifts and joy of being a fully embodied feminine woman.

It’s just a 3-step process. It is simple, but not easy, which is why we break it down for you so clearly in our FF program and give you the practical tools you need to create a life and love you’re proud of!


“I chose this program because this was what I was missing. I went to years of counseling but still left like I was missing something. I couldn’t describe it. I didn’t know how to receive love. I was too masculine. I wouldn’t allow myself to love others. Now, I love myself so much. I have learned to put up healthy boundaries with everyone. I’ve learned to be feminine everyday. This program has been life changing in different areas of my life. The tools I have been given are wonderful.”
Angela Judd

How It Works…

Once you enroll into Fabulously Feminine, you’ll receive new lessons releasing regularly over the course of five months; however, it’s a self-paced program meant to serve you for a lifetime. Your training includes exclusive videos and lectures by Violet, audio guides which walk you through how to harness and activate your feminine energy, and video practices you can use to feel more feminine everyday…plus PDF downloads and guides, and special playbooks which help you to pinpoint which areas to work on as well as where it is you want to go and what you want to create. Plus you get access to our exclusive group of successful, spiritual, supportive women on coaching calls and in the facebook group who are on this journey with you and cheering you on every step of the way.

Fabulously Feminine is open now and we have a growing community of women. Don’t delay your love, abundance, enchantment, or creativity any longer — your partner and your next level of growth are waiting for you to say YES to yourself and yes to love — so sign up today!

Are You Ready to Become a Woman Who is Fabulously Feminine?

Lifetime Online Access.
Go at Your Own Pace.

It’s like going back to school for love and abundance and feminine enchantment!
But so much better…your entire course is online and can be completed on your own schedule. Content is mapped out in a specific order, so you can work at your own pace and revisit lessons and practices at any time. Plus, you have lifetime access and regular updates (we add new special content and bonus goodies all of the time) — like a library you’ll use again and again as your femininity soars.


You want a life of love, luxury, romance, and creative passion, right?

The problem is, you don’t know where to start and everyone around you is either stuck in their masculine, or too old-fashioned, or equating femininity with being a boss-babe.

In FF, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources, and support you need for success and becoming the fabulous woman you’ve always wanted to be — full of pleasure, love, femininity, grace, and passion.

You’ll have access to a community of women like you for inspiration and feedback, women who have been on this journey and know how to encourage, support, and uplift each other. This is about HEALTHY feminine values and role modeling — something you may not be getting from your workplace or from your current friends or from your family.

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your enjoyment and care is our #1 priority, and we’re here to answer your questions, provide insights, and hold your hand every step of the way so you feel held accountable and surrounded by positivity and love.

“I am much more aware of my femininity – I feel more confident being feminine and sexy. I’d been starting to feel like if I acted sexy or flirty, that it was slutty – but that has changed. I also have changed the way I approach dating and relationships. I used to approach it the same way I do my career – very forward and direct (with anxiety) – but I learned how to relax and receive with grace.”
Susie McCauley

Fabulously Feminine is Open Now!
Don’t Delay Your Feminine Radiance and Magnetism Any Longer!

Building a Foundation of Feminine Principles and Superpowers

You’ll learn what feminine energy is (and what it isn’t), the key aspects of femininity, and why now more than ever the world — and the people in your life — are craving healthy feminine. You’ll learn the pitfalls of unhealthy feminine and how those can inadvertently wreak havoc on your love life and creativity. You’ll learn how to find your own unique feminine essence and break free from what the media or your family have told you about being a woman.

Advancing Through the Three Stages of Femininity

You’ll understand the three stages of feminine development, and why so many women get stuck in stage two, never really attracting the powerful partner they crave or the abundance they deserve. You’ll understand how to navigate your own personal journey for greater self-love and capacity to create and receive.

Receiving Your Vision

You’ll become a master manifestor, starting with unlocking new levels of vision and raising the bar on what’s possible in your life. You’ll get to dream bigger with the loving support of our community and team, and you’ll stop playing small or settling. You’ll become more aware and attuned to your innate ability to magnetize what you want to you.

Releasing Your Blocks

You’ll be gently guided to identify and release the unhealthy patterns and blocks to greater love and fulfillment. You’ll learn the tools to feel better in your body, your heart, and your mind so you can gently shed self-doubt and self-sabotage, and instead claim your divine destiny.

Creating Your Future

You’ll learn and practice the feminine skill of manifesting, so you can create what you want in any part of your life. You’ll tap into your five senses (and of course your feminine sixth sense of intuition) as you attract better and better opportunities and more and more acknowledgement to you. You’ll find your feminine flow, while integrating your healthy masculine, so you stay balanced and effective.


You’ll fall in love with your body for greater confidence and ease, or as one of our clients says, you’ll “find your sashay” and move with more femininity. You’ll be able to enchant the world around you for more romance and abundance.

Beliefs Work and Mindset

You’ll peel back the onion on the layers of conditioning that have kept you from living your fullest feminine essence (and you’ll feel safe to do so). You’ll identify the limiting beliefs that have kept you in a trap of masculine efforting and create new mindset habits which support your feminine flow and radiance.

Archetypes and Avatars

You’ll discover the archetypal feminine energy that expresses itself in the world, and you’ll have more compassion for your own journey as well as for all women. Plus, you’ll be guided to create your own avatar — your own personal unfolding of the next version of you, who is capable of creating and attracting all she desires to receive. And you’ll learn how to embody this higher, deeper aspect of you in your day-to-day.

Devotional Practices

You’ll learn the sacred art of devotion, for yourself, your children, your projects, and your (future) partner. You’ll gain experience in nurturing the seeds of your vision and all you wish to create.

Divine Feminine

You’ll discover Divine Feminine or Goddess energy and how to authentically bring this into your life in a way that aligns with your personal beliefs and experiences. You’ll be supported in expressing your own Divine Feminine energy versus the toxic femininity portrayed by the media and misunderstood by so many.

Emotional Transmutation

You’ll learn the powerful alchemy of transmuting your emotions into higher states of ecstasy and openness, as you flow more love through your body. You’ll discover how to harness your emotional energy instead of self-destructing or taking it out on others.


You’ll have the opportunity to have FUN adorning your body and cherishing your physical form and the spaces around you! You’ll learn how adornment enhances your femininity in a way that feels authentic for you.

Integration of
Masculine and Feminine

Learn how to integrate your own inner masculine and feminine energies so you can stay focused AND devoted along your path to greater love, abundance, enchantment, and creativity. Get my top tips and favorite practices for integration.

Act now to get exclusive bonuses

Fabulously Feminine Guide

This guide shows you the THIRTEEN aspects of femininity and explains why your feminine energy is necessary (and attractive) now more than ever! FF students only. ($1,000 value)

How to Attract a High-Quality Partner Training

This in-depth training covers why high-quality masculine men are attracted to feminine women, what you can do to positively influence the type of men you attract, and what’s needed for commitment to happen and for your love to grow. ($1,500 value)

Masculine Energy Video Series

Access our Man Panel video library of extended Q&A sessions with high-quality men. Hear directly what they look for in a partner, and how they can tell when a woman is in her feminine. ($7,500 value)


“What I like about your programs compared to other feminine energy work I’ve done is multifaceted but includes your intellectualism, you never talk down to anyone, you’re open to all questions and are always professional and you hold yourself to a really high standard. “
Julia Anderson


Important! Space is extremely limited — Fabulously Feminine is like the perfect brunch with your girlfriends and there are only so many seats at the table, so grab yours now! This exclusive offer and bonus package is only available now. Stop reading (because feminine energy must be experienced, not just read about) and start doing! Don’t delay your passions or your love another moment. Join Fabulously Feminine now!

You Can Attract Higher Quality Men, Manifest Greater Abundance,
and Enchant the World with Your Creativity Today!

Let’s Make it Happen!

About Violet

It is my pleasure to help women reclaim their feminine essence, feel amazing in their bodies, and become empowered in love and life to get everything they want. I teach women how to attract and keep an incredible partner, so you can win in love and create a fulfilling relationship that lasts.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet. Through love we can build healthy romance, healthy families, and a healthy world. It is time to integrate the masculine and feminine energy within us and within our partnerships.

I have my MBA from Harvard, training from Coach Training Alliance, am a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, and Reiki Master.

I have been coaching women for the last seven years and have trained tens of thousands of women on feminine energy and love, and I have closely mentored hundreds of women to find their partner.

“After joining Violet’s program, I stepped out of my masculine and into my feminine, I started seeing improvements in my thoughts and feelings. I saw that my power comes from my openness and vulnerability. AND, I started dating an amazing guy after only 4 weeks!”
Beth Gilbert

Fabulously Feminine is Now Open — Join Our Incredible Group of Women. Don’t Miss Out on All of the Fun!

This is it!
It’s YOUR Time!

Have you ever noticed that some women just seem to have it all, and make it look so easy? Have you ever wondered why you feel stuck or lost in the day to day, without a healthy partnership or passionate life?

Stop watching other people create their dreams and start changing the world with your own unique femininity and light! There is an abundance of men and resources, but you cannot receive them if you don’t know what you’re doing or keep standing in your own way!

The only difference between a woman who is living her life of passion, love, and creativity and a woman who is not, is the first woman is taking action — we cannot have the things we’re meant for if we don’t get the help and support and tools we need to bring it to life.

Whether you want to attract a high-quality masculine partner who wants to commit, or magnetize more wealth to you with less effort, or simply feel more enchanting and creative and feminine, there’s no better time than now.

The world is experiencing a dramatic shift in women’s favor — one group of women at a time. This is your life, this is your tribe, this is your time. I truly believe we will look back on this chapter in humanity and say “wow! this is when the tides turned for female empowerment in all areas of life.” And I want you to be riding that delicious wave of love and abundance with me. You can do this!

My team and I are beyond excited to welcome you as a Fabulously Feminine woman and to serve you along the way. — xoxo, Violet



Exclusive videos, lectures, tips, and practices from Violet on thirteen key areas of femininity


Video practices you can use to feel more feminine everyday


PDF downloads and guides


Live Video Q&A with Violet Twice a Month for Ongoing Support


Access to our exclusive private Facebook Group of successful, spiritual, supportive women

Over $10,000 of Bonuses Just for You When You Sign Up Now:


Fabulously Feminine Guide


Attract A High-Quality Partner Training


Masculine Energy Video Series

Bonus Courses will not be distributed on payment plans until paid in full.
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