Win in Online Dating Course & Webinar

When you know how to date successfully online, you can build the loving, lasting relationship you want — now! Learn the steps to attract great potential matches, build a profile that works for you, and message with ease and confidence, without settling or going on a million dates.


If you want to create a loving, lasting partnership but you simply feel stuck and frustrated with dating online — or haven’t tried online dating in a very long time and are afraid to start — this go-at-your-own-pace course is for you.
Find lasting love and get peace of mind online.

Watch the Videos

Learn the exact mindset and skillset to win online before you change your profile or change apps, so this time online dating will work for you. Get confidence to go online if you’re just starting out or have been burned before.

Get Your New Profile

Fill out a simple questionnaire and Violet will create your profile for you! No more guessing about what to say or what pictures to use or even which apps to go on — we do all of that for you, with our customized process so your profile feels authentic, genuine, and true to you!

Attract the Best

Avoid scammers and time-wasters so your heart stays open and loving for the right partner for you. Learn the red-flags and how to be a discerning dater PLUS how to message and communicate online, so you get great responses and go on amazing dates!

Get an Amazing Profile and Start Attracting Great Matches in Just a Matter of Days!

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In this self-paced, on-the-go course, you’ll:
  • Learn why online dating doesn’t work for most people and what to do instead
  • Create the right mindset and beliefs so you approach online dating with confidence
  • Get crystal clear on what you want so you never have to settle
  • Understand your patterns of attraction so you can magnetize the right people to you
  • Eliminate your limiting beliefs about love, men, and dating so you can stop self-sabotaging
  • Learn what makes a profile really stand out from the crowd so high-quality, attractive, available people reach out to you and remember you
  • Discover what NOT to say on your profile and what pictures can actually be a total turnoff
  • Get your profile written for you by Violet herself, and have the chance to edit it with her up to two times so it’s absolutely perfect for you
  • Receive guidance from Violet herself on which pictures to use and in what order to really make your profile pop and show the naturally beautiful you
  • Get insights on how to avoid scammers, notice the red flags, and stay safe while dating online, plus what to look for in their profile and in their messages so you don’t waste any more time with someone who’s not available or ready for love
  • Find out which app is best for you and how to use it to your advantage, including all the info on each app out there
  • Learn what messages work the best for catching someone’s interest and building a connection, without feeling like you’re doing too much
  • Let go of dating anxiety and build a solid foundation of confidence and magnetism so you attract better and better quality partners and convert those matches into dates
  • BONUS: Two special embodiment practices designed to increase your magnetism and heal your relationships with the masculine!
  • BONUS: When you sign up today, you’ll get access to Violet’s Fall in Love with Dating webinar, so you can actually ENJOY the process of dating and selecting the right match for you!

Swiping less, connecting more, and getting to actual dates with great potential partners faster than ever is just one click away!

What’s Included? Everything You Need to Succeed!

Prepare to Date Online

  • Get crystal clear on what you want
  • ​Know what you don’t want so you never settle
  • ​Understand your patterns of attraction
  • ​Magnetize the right people to you online
  • ​Eliminate your limiting beliefs
  • ​Stop second guessing yourself

Pick the Right Apps and Communicate Effectively

  • Learn what’s working and not working right now
  • Understand each app and what it does
  • Select the right app or apps for you
  • Use the apps to your advantage to save you time
  • Map out your game plan for messaging
  • Know what to say and when to say it to get to amazing dates

Create a Winning Profile

  • ​Get your profile written for you by Violet herself
  • Know what to say in the sections of the apps
  • ​Stay authentic to you and feel good
  • ​Feel confident about your pictures
  • ​Learn the do’s and don’ts for photos online
  • ​Get Violet’s help selecting which pics to use

Stay Safe, Avoid Scammers, and See the Red Flags

  • Empower yourself and protect yourself 
  • Learn the warning signs in their profile
  • Understand how scammers communicate
  • Discover how and when to walk away
  • Stop blaming yourself and attract better partners
  • Know how to spot narcissists and other dangerous personalities


Limited Time Only! Join the Win in Online Dating Course Now for Just…

$1597 $997

Why Date Online?

Whether you’ve been online dating for a while and just can’t seem to make it work, or whether you’ve attracted narcissists or scammers and don’t know what to do now, or whether you’ve never dated online and are just getting out of a relationship, THIS is how you make online dating work for you to finally have great dates and lasting love.

So many people waste hours and hours a week, and years and years of their life, putting up a profile just with the help of their friends and then not getting any interest or attracting the wrong types. Or worse, they fail to turn messages into dates and dates into relationships, and then sink further into despair…when it wasn’t their fault! They just didn’t have the right tools and skills to win online. Dating is very different than a decade ago, which is why it’s too complicated to try to do alone without help and guidance.

There are 50 million people dating online. All you need to have the love you want is just one special person! But, you have to know how to find your soulmate and not make mistakes or waste time along the way and then end up missing out and alone. The truth is, only 20% of relationships actually start online, despite so many people and so much swiping. So you absolutely must have the right skillset and mindset to make online dating fun, rewarding, and effective for you!

Now is the best time to get online — there are more apps and more people than ever. More and more people are doing their work to become incredible partners. And more and more people really do want lasting love, and are looking for their person, which could be you!

Your Life Changes When You Change!
It’s Easy to Win Online With These Simple Tools

“I LOVE MY NEW PROFILE!!!! It says what I want without sounding like I’m just listing what I want. So creative.”


“You are brilliant!!! I know you already know that, but you pack a big punch in a few words for my profile. Thank you.”

“Thought I would share a connection that came in. Efforts in re-writing profile seem to be working…:)))”

“Hi Violet! I forgot to mention to you that Rob said he had to message me because of how deep I went in my profile!! He really liked what I had to say and what I was about. So thank you for helping me express who I am and what I’m looking for!!”


Limited Time Only! Join the Win in Online Dating Course Now for Just…

$1597 $997

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