Trusting Yourself is a Skill Anyone Can Learn

There’s a big misconception that people who are confident get all the dates and great relationships. The truth is, the people who trust themselves are the ones who win in love.

People who trust themselves:
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Don’t settle for less than they’re worth
  • Attract trustworthy people
  • Enjoy dating and relationship instead of sabotaging it
  • Don’t second guess themselves
  • Know how to communicate effectively
  • Are self-aware
  • Have empowering beliefs
  • Get what they want in love and in life!

Eliminate Self-Doubt and Be Your Best You in Dating and Relationships!

Believe in Yourself

Develop Your Intuition

Attract Trustworthy People

Communicate Better

Enjoy Your Relationship

People always ask me how I just know what to say in text or on dates as I coach women…or how to communicate what I want. They’re often curious how I seem so intuitive and grounded at the same time…and they secretly want to know the tricks for dating and creating relationship without meltdowns or self-sabotage.

The truth is, I never used to trust myself or be tapped into my intuition. About 11 years ago, a woman asked me if I trusted myself — probably because she could tell I was agonizing about a guy I just started dating.

When she asked me this, I froze! I had never even thought about the idea of trusting myself. And I for sure didn’t know HOW to trust myself. Which meant I never knew what to do in life and in love…I had to constantly be using books or blogs or videos to get the right answers, instead of looking to my own wisdom. I constantly messed things up or got in my own way with doubts and fears.

Until one day, I realized I had to change my relationship WITH myself. I had to learn to trust myself if I wanted to attract trustworthy partners and make a relationship last. I had to learn how to trust myself if I wanted to feel confident with texting and messaging and keeping a relationship going strong. I had to learn how to use my intuition instead of just dating from my head (which never works).

I found that trusting yourself and developing your intuition in relationships is just a muscle that anyone can build! I learned how to in a very short amount of time, and that’s what I’m sharing with you in Trust Yourself.

What if I could coach you every step of the way?

What if you had the step by step map for trusting yourself in relationships and honing your intuition so you have total confidence in your love life and in all of your communication? What if you had the actual practices to get in touch with your self-trust and embody your intuition so you could live connected to your head, heart, and body? That’s what Trust Yourself is all about!

Be More Magnetic

Enjoy Dating and Relationships

Stay Centered and Calm

Hear What Other People Have to Say:

These are the stories that get me more and more excited about how quickly people can change! People no longer call themselves anxious, and they don’t second guess themselves or self-sabotage. It is possible to overcome self-doubt and stop letting fear keep you stuck in life and love when you have the insight, exercises, and support you need!

“I feel more connected with my feelings, needs and desires. I am more embodied and giving myself permission to emote. This course has been a nurturing space for me to open up to conversations and possibilities in my life that before felt maybe unsafe, untouched hidden or unimportant.”

“I had given up in certain ways and had been compromising my desires & needs out of fear, lack mentality and belief patterns. I wasn’t really calling in my match. This gave me a sense too of what to look for moving forward in a partner during dating time”

“I received several compliments this week from men with whom I work. Although I didn’t dress differently, they were recognizing a change
in me.”

“Things are going well with my partner. We’re actively working to not repeat mistakes, improve communication, and be kinder and gentler with each other. The kids seem happy.”

Overcome Self-Doubt and Self-Sabotage, and Gain Incredible Trust and Power in Your Relationships!

Why not you? Why not now?

What’s Included in Trust Yourself…

There are 6 Modules.

Think of them as Lesson Plans.

I’ve designed this the same way I’ve helped so many women transform themselves and their love life. In each stage, you get a little more confident, and each time you go through a lesson. YOU TRUST YOURSELF MORE!

Phase 1: Detach From Outcome, Reclaim Yourself

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to come back to yourself and get out of the mental thought loops you get stuck in, so you can soften into trust.

Phase 2: Build Self-Awareness

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to become aware of what you’re feeling, what you need, what you want, and how to communicate that so you don’t second-guess yourself or live out other people’s agendas!

Phase 3: Empower Your Beliefs

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create empowering beliefs that set you up for success in all of your relationships. You’ll learn how to feel confident in yourself and in getting what you want in life and love.

Phase 4: Establish a Secure Attachment Style

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to trust and take care of your inner child, and how to set boundaries with your rebellious outer child, so you can be secure and self-assured in dating and relationships.

Phase 5: Blocks to Trust

In this lesson, you’ll learn about blocks to trust including spiritual bypassing and narcissism, and you’ll learn how to trust your intuition so you don’t attract those types of partners.

Phase 6: Blocks to Trust Part 2

In this lesson, you’ll learn about drama and breaches of integrity, so you can stay centered, safe, and curious instead of reactionary. This will change everything about dating and relationships and even your friendships too!

Get a Self-Confidence Boost Today!

“I am feeling lighter and more at peace with myself. I so appreciate you sharing your knowledge as I have gone through the process of gaining a better understanding of myself. I did like a year in therapy a few years ago, but I felt like it was just me talking… I never received any support or any guidance on actions to take to make changes within myself. This has been so much more helpful, and I am SO glad I did it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)”

“I went out on my first date in several months and it was great! Completely different feel from other dates I’ve been on in the past. The guy was exceptionally interesting and fun, but I really noticed the difference in how I showed up. He kissed me at the end of the date – this is big for me because I’ve never been good at giving off the vibe that I want to be kissed, even when I did want it! We talked about getting together again and he sent me a good morning text today. Yeah! It’s fun to immediately see and feel changes :)”

“Through this course I’ve gotten great realizations about my interactions with men in general and how I have gotten mentally and emotionally stuck on the few guys where I did feel that energy or they gave me attention temporarily (but not actual relationships). But now I don’t have to be stuck on those guys because I have the power to create that energy whenever I want. This course and realization is also helping me let go of past rejection.”

“This allowed me to heal many old patterns that were coming up for me and relationships. I loved all the meditations and embodiment practices which are key to integrate into one’s self and help with breaking old beliefs. This program is worth the time and we can all become better women in our relationships. I wish I would have found this sooner, but it is always the perfect time. I am glad I was able to do this and complete it and have so much peace in my heart and in my life. Thank you, ​Violet!!”

Create the trust with yourself you need to conquer your fears, stop self-sabotaging, and have the love and relationship you dream of!

Here’s what you get instantly when you sign up today:
    • Online Access to the Complete Trust Yourself System
    • Listen on the go with audio and video files
    • Empowering beliefs playbook
    • ​Guide to Inner Child Affirmations
    • ​Seven specific tools and practices to implement right away
    • The Trust You Deserve to Create Relationships (and a life) You Love!

Plus These Amazing Bonuses When You Sign Up Now:
      • $200 off right now!
      • Masculine and Feminine Trust in Relationships Audio Guide with Jason and Violet
      • Special Bonus Guide: The Top Ten Ways to Build Trust with Your Date

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“I really wanted to give women all over the world all the tools they need to create empowered, fulfilling relationships. But I didn’t want it to just be talk — which is why I have exercises, guides, playbooks, and all the insights you need to trust yourself and honor your intuition in life and love!”

Violet Lange creator of Trust Yourself in Relationships

Today You Start Trusting Yourself…Stop allowing negativity and doubt to ruin your relationships!

Don’t delay…your success in love and in life is on the line, and you never know how long your potential partner will be single before he finds someone else, or how long your partner or friend will put up with all of your fears and anxiety. Once this program is full, we aren’t going to offer this again. So this is your first step in trusting yourself — trust yourself and your value enough to say yes to yourself and yes to love!
Let’s get started!

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