“I feel so good and supported. I have a real strong backbone and foundation with my boyfriend. I have learned love is not as scary as I thought it was. I am fortunate to be able to have mastered the skills to use in my relationship and learn how to love. I can’t thank Violet enough for the happiness and joy she has brought me in my life and family. ” — Sarah

Hello Queen! So excited you’re here in the perfect place to find and keep love. Select your spot in the calendar below for your free Breakthrough to Love session:

In order to give the most clarity, value, and service on our call:

  1. You must have a clear desire or goal for your love life
  2. You must be committed to having love
  3. You must be in a quiet space without distractions (and no driving) and have about 15 minutes
  4. You must be willing to get real with us so we can help you

If you can’t find a time that works for you, please reach out to Elizabeth at [email protected]

I’ve gotten more in 3 weeks of this course than in 4 years of very intense therapy. Ava

I’m happy to report that after being single for 6 years I’ve finally met my soulmate and the love of my life. Finally! Thank you Violet! Thank you for helping me find my femininity. I’m so grateful and blessed and I feel so fulfilled. Madison

Embracing my femininity, loving myself, Being less critical of myself Aubrey

Well, I found out today that I’m getting a raise, without even asking! My boss came up to me and said he wanted to increase my pay. What? This is amazing! It’s nice to see that men, even not romantic interests, are responding to me differently and I’m being valued. Sophia

Feeling good and happy – and having other people notice that as well. Putting on a dress today and feeling svelte, sexy, and professional all at the same time. I’m just feeling really good in my own skin. Leah

He’s treating me differently than any man before — it’s like I knew from the beginning that he chose me, that he’s choosing me. I get texts from him every day, he plans out our dates, and I feel more relaxed than I ever have when dating. Thank you! Isabella

Things are going well with Sam. We’re actively working to not repeat mistakes, improve communication, and be kinder and gentler with each other. The kids seem happy he’s at home with us. I’m hoping we can keep things going on this track, and build the happy, fulfilling country life we want, with us as the true partners, parents, lovers, friends and poets I know we can be. Sarah

Wow I can’t believe it but two weeks after joining Queens of Pleasure and my ex is paying me back the rent he owed me for months! Something has definitely shifted — I am respecting myself more and so is he. Olivia

I’m redirecting love and appreciation to myself, and it’s making me feel so good. My ex said I looked “radiant” after just rolling out of bed the other day, and I feel people are being drawn to me! Thanks, Violet! Brooke

I’ve already noticed that I get more looks and smiles (week 2 of the program). It’s fun to notice the changes! I love the practices this week! …they are exactly what I need. The latest practice immediately opened things up. I also realized that I’ve been armoring my heart and I’ve been compartmentalizing, which I feel is just another way of building walls between my whole self and what is expressed to the world. So I need to practice allowing for love and receiving in multiple ways. Laura

I need to share a celebration with you. I went out on an amazing date last night – my first date in several months – and it was great! Completely different feel from other dates I’ve been on in the past. The guy was exceptionally interesting and fun, but I really noticed the difference in how I showed up. He kissed me at the end of the date – this is big for me because I’ve never been good at giving off the vibe that I want to be kissed, even when I did want it! We talked about getting together again and he sent me a good morning text today. Yeah! Thank you both for your supporting during this journey! It’s fun to immediately see and feel changes 🙂 Olivia

The conversation was good and time passed by really quickly. I definitely noticed that I felt more feminine and light hearted during the date. I’m not sure how well I did on trying not to lead the conversation but I can say that nothing we talked about became a competition. The date lasted for almost 4 hours. He walked me to my car and gave me a hug. We talked about going out again as well. I asked him to let me know when he made it home safely and he did. So hopefully we’ll get to go out again. All in all it was a good date and he seemed like a genuine guy…also very attractive and tall! Mia

Feeling really embodied and getting my mojo back. These practices are getting me much more in tune with my body and its sensations. I’m honoring how I feel in each moment vs telling myself how to feel. Samantha

Great realizations about my interactions with men in general and how I have gotten mentally and emotionally stuck on the few guys where I did feel that energy or they gave me attention temporarily (but not actual relationships) – but now I don’t have to be stuck on those guys because I have the power to create that energy whenever I want. This practice and realization is also helping me let go of past rejection. Paisley

I just found out I got a new job! And the guy I’ve been talking to was being very complimentary about me being who I am and being real and such. It’s amazing to me to see all of the changes happening in my life from loving and embracing myself more. It’s really something! June

I’m deserving, worthy and sexy Jessica

Violet’s wisdom paired with her passion for loving kindness and healing is so beautiful and inspiring. Alison

Violet offered a vast array of tools from articles and videos; to meditations and reflection questions; to play and imagination. Evelyn

Violet’s ability as a coach is unparalleled. Her questions dive so deep into the psyche and open you up to the patterning that’s in the way of reaching your higher potential. Elizabeth

Wow, I had two random guys start conversations with me on the elevator! Gabby

I received several compliments this week from men with whom I work. Although I didn’t dress differently, they were recognizing a change in me. Scarlett

I *just* started seeing a boy I really like!!! He’s super cute, really thoughtful, and an incredible kisser. Plus when he wears this one button-down shirt and his glasses he looks like a sexy Waldo. I swear, it’s sexy. And I feel REALLY in my pleasure when I’m with him. Rebecca

I met my guy and am being treated like a prize Things are going great for me because of you — this is my year! Zoey

I’m happy to report that after being single for 6 years I’ve finally met my soulmate and the love of my life. Finally! I’m so grateful and blessed and I feel so full. Madison

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