Take Your Healing Business Online

Attract More Clients and Build a Thriving Virtual Community and Business
If you are a health and wellness professional, this is your chance to say goodbye to overwhelm and learn how to establish your brand and offering online so that you can profit, thrive and create an impact in today’s constantly evolving world.
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Feeling Stuck and Overwhelmed?

Due to the pandemic, the way we bring health and wellness solutions to our clients has changed, and it’s time for us to change with it.

Long gone are the days in which you can easily schedule a private lesson at your client’s house, teach a large and profitable class at your local studio, work up close and personal with your team or work on back to back clients to maximize your patient load.

This workshop will teach you how to understand your client and their current needs, how to work with them virtually, how to present, market and price your offer while generating more revenue than ever before, all while continuing to make a significant impact to everyone you help.

In addition, you’ll experience live coaching, where you can learn from other teachers and healers by witnessing Kendra and Violet coach on business models, pricing, online marketing, success mindset, and more.


  • Deepen your relationship with your existing or former students or clients
  • Attract new students or clients so you can serve more people
  • Understand the best way for you to present yourself and your offering online
  • Create a pathway for teaching what you couldn’t in person
  • Give your clients something to support them for the holidays and new year, lots of people need support now during covid 
  • Double your incoming revenue and continue to make an impact
  • Create community so people have a sense of belonging
  • Grow as an entrepreneur and build new skills


  • Better understand the online market and what business models will work best for you
  • Brainstorm your online offer or offers with our support
  • Learn about technology solutions for what you want to build
  • Get support with fears and resistance about transitioning to online and being successful online
  • Develop a marketing plan so you can grow your student/client base


  • Saturday, December 12th from 2pm to 5pm pacific
  • Brief prep work in advance so you can maximize your time


  • Zoom — please plan to be on video for most if not all of the time
  • Access details will be sent prior to the workshop


Kendra Walker

Kendra Walker

Kendra Walker graduated from the Ohio State University with her Masters in Business Administration and immediately went to work for Whole Foods Market within their marketing department. Kendra’s career in health and wellness started in Japan, where she worked directly with Marines within the Health Promotions department, from teaching yoga classes to putting on large scale events and workshops. After a move to LA, Kendra began working at YogaWorks, first as a membership sales yoga advisor and later as a general manager. Kendra went on to become the Director of Operations at Tantris Yoga Center. Kendra gained a detailed understanding of how to use marketing, relationships and technology to drive sales while staying genuine and authentic. Kendra is passionate about helping others to fulfill their infinite potential in this ever changing and evolving world
Violet Lange

Violet Lange

Violet Lange has her Masters in Business Administration from Harvard, is a former Director of Programming at Yogaworks, and successfully transitioned from teaching yoga and reiki in person to coaching full time online. Her relationship coaching business alone has generated over a million dollars in revenue in less than four years. Violet has helped hundreds of women find love and has trained over fifteen thousand women on dating. Now she (with the help of her husband Jason) also teaches entreprepreneurs how to build successful online businesses. Violet is an ice cream aficionado, business strategy nerd, priestess of pleasure, and devoted wife and mama.

This is for you if…

  • You want to do something online but aren’t sure how or where to start
  • You’re worried how to stay in touch with your students
  • You need help with marketing to your students and clients
  • You aren’t sure how to price your offer
  • Technology scares you!
  • Aren’t sure what to do with your career during the pandemic

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