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How to Avoid the Five Top Dating Mistakes Even Self-Aware, Successful Women Make and Instead Find Your Soulmate…without Wasting Time Endlessly Swiping

Ensure your dating life has the right foundation for epic romance & healthy commitment in 2021

Tuesday, April 20th
4pm pacific








During This Live Masterclass You Will Learn:


OKC, CMB, JWed, What?

Forget the acronyms, swiping, and texting insanity and finally understand which apps and approaches are right for you and your dating goals, so you can save time and finally meet the one. I’ll show you how to feel confident flirting and dating IRL too 😉

How to Stay in Your Power and Stop Playing Small.

Whether you’ve been dating for 3 months, 3 years, or haven’t dated in a decade, it’s exhausting without the secrets to date efficiently. Stop people-pleasing, overgiving, and getting caught up in drama or putting love last. You CAN have a successful relationship without having to sacrifice your dreams or career.


How to Attract Someone to Go the Distance With.

This masterclass will school you on how to steer clear of your “love catnip” aka your kryptonite that keeps you infatuated with the wrong people! I’ll show you how you may be subconsciously recreating old patterns and self-sabotaging.


Honor Your Vulnerability and Get to Commitment.

Truthbomb: commitment doesn’t happen from leaning back. You need emotional closeness from the get-go to make love last. Avoid the 2 to 3-month situationship trap and become exclusive, engaged, #relationshipgoals.

At the end of this masterclass, you will no longer be lost in the sea of modern dating.

Take it from me, I was divorced and then dated for years unsuccessfully until I learned what I am teaching here, the same things I did to find my husband. I want to help you avoid settling, swiping endlessly, or getting stuck. Climb up on the liferaft, or cruise ship, and quit floundering my friends!
WARNING: Space is limited and these masterclasses always fill up because they are full of insight and information. It is way more strategic, and smart, than what’s out there about dating and love. Women have told me they got more from one of my free classes than years of therapy. And, this masterclass is live, meaning you can ask any question on the spot, so register now.
Violet Lange is an ice cream lover, passionate mama, and all-out nerd for love, living happily-ever-after in Los Angeles with her husband Jason and their daughter Ruby Moon + fur baby. Violet is an expert on dating, love, and relationships, with an MBA from Harvard and training from Coach Training Alliance. She’s helped hundreds of women find love and has trained thousands more in her free masterclasses. Violet is on a mission to help every single woman find true love and keep it going to “I Do” and beyond.

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